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A lecture on cryptocurrencies

Back in March I was invited to deliver a session to an undergraduate module on International Business. I thought this was a good opportunity to introduce the students to the world of cryptocurrencies. Here is the outline of the session: … Continue reading

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Solutions looking for problems

One of the most interesting conundrums emerging from technological innovation is the problem of solutions looking for problems: somebody develops a new and interesting piece of technology, and only then do they look for applications of that technology. It’s a … Continue reading

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Transparency and technology: blockchain

Here is an interesting article on the potential usages and advantages of employing blockchain to manage supply chains. It’s an interesting piece, and deserves reading. I like the fact that the author clearly identifies a number of instances in which … Continue reading

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Blockchain, and the construction of a (new) economy

Harvard Business Review has an article by Joichi Ito, Neha Narula and Robleh Ali about the potential of the Blockchain in reconfigure modern economies, provocatively titled The Blockchain Will Do to the Financial System What the Internet Did to Media. Leaving aside … Continue reading

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The value – and uses – of BitCoin

You may have heard that the value of BitCoin has hit a number of all-time highs in the last week. Just yesterday (9th May 2017), the crypto-currency made the news when the value of a single BitCoin topped $1,700 for the first … Continue reading

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