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How Big Data Can Destroy Organisations’ Legitimacy

Earlier this week I shared a post about Big Data and organisational legitimacy. Mico-authors in that piece (Dr Alessandro Merendino an2d Prof Maureen Meadows) and I have also published a small thinkpiece on the topic on the magazine International Corporate … Continue reading

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Who do you trust? Companies, big data and trustworthiness

This post was first published in CURB, the Coventry University Research Blog. It was co-written with my colleagues Prof Maureen Meadows and Dr Alessandro Merendino. The context for this post is our ongoing interest on the transformations that big data … Continue reading

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Ethical consumption and coffee shops

Late in 2018 my co-author Jennifer Ferreira and I had a new article published in the Journal of Consumer Ethics, titled From bean to cup and beyond: exploring ethical consumption and coffee shops. The paper explores how consumers navigate the ethical … Continue reading

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Sustainable, intelligent transport?

A recent BBC article proclaimed, provocatively, that ‘…you have (probably) already bought your last car’. While based on a series of somewhat heroic leaps of faith about the rate of technological progress and the falling price of those technologies (particularly … Continue reading

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New challenges and thinking for spatial planning systems

Last week I participated in an ESPON Workshop, titled New challenges and thinking for spatial planning systems: Insights from ESPON projects. It was an opportunity to share some of the findings of the ReSSI project to European planners and other … Continue reading

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Data is power

Oh Facebook, again? To understand why any of this matters, you have to rewind to 2015. That’s when Facebook executives, including CEO Mark Zuckerberg, were going around the world preaching the gospel of online video. Video, they said, was the … Continue reading

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Politics, measurement and morals: the biodiversity offsets trilogy

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, back in August the third paper derived from my PhD was published in New Political Economy. It was quite an important moment for me, not just from a work point of view, … Continue reading

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