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The corporation as AI

Here is a curio for you: The science fiction author Charles Stross delivering a keynote speech at the 34th Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig, December 2017. I am a great fan of science fiction in general, and of Charlie Stross’ … Continue reading

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A Lecture on Case Studies

Every year I deliver a number of sessions on the Case Study method. Or maybe methods. Or maybe… let’s not get there. The session is targeted at post-graduates (MSc, PhD, DBS) in the Faculty of Business and Law at Coventry … Continue reading

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Making dumpster diving legit

Not everything that individuals, companies or other groups do is acceptable to others. We all make social judgements about the legitimacy of others’ actions. This concept of legitimacy is something I have been working for a while now, and I think … Continue reading

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A lecture on cryptocurrencies

Back in March I was invited to deliver a session to an undergraduate module on International Business. I thought this was a good opportunity to introduce the students to the world of cryptocurrencies. Here is the outline of the session: … Continue reading

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Biodiversity offsets: political markets

Earlier this month I published an article with my colleague Dr Jennifer Ferreira in the Review of Social Economy, titled Political markets? Politics and economics in the emergence of markets for biodiversity offsets. It is a companion piece to the 2017 paper … Continue reading

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Delivering sustainable and inclusive regional economic development

As mentioned last week, today (10th April 2018) the ReSSI team is delivering a workshop to discuss the findings and policy implications of the findings of the ReSSI project to stakeholders in the West Midlands. This includes Coventry City Council, … Continue reading

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Regional Strategies for Sustainable and Inclusive Development – Report

Apologies for the long silence. I have been away on paternity leave, after the arrival of baby Ferreira Mk II. It has been, in turn, a wonderful, exhausting and exhilarating couple of months. Our second little Research Assistant is ready … Continue reading

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