My name is Carlos Ferreira and I am a researcher at the Centre for Business in Society, at Coventry University.

My main research interests revolve around economies are constructed. In order for modern economies to function, many things need to come together: (economic) actors, products or services, technologies, ideas, forms of governance… all of them help us understand how an economy is built. How those various building block align has implications for how economic actors operate, how businesses can be responsible, how markets function, how knowledge travels, and how globalisation affects us all.new-carlos-ferreira

In my work I use insights from disciplines such as STS, economic sociology, economic geography, economics and marketing. I have, in the past, explored topics as diverse as the creation of markets for biodiversity offsets and the implementation of CSR practices in SMEs in the luxury sector; at present, I mostly work on issues around the creation and governance of sustainable and inclusive economies.

This blog will collect news, opinions and, occasionally, entirely off-topic contributions. If you wish to, feel free to get in touch!

All opinions expressed here are entirely personal, and do not reflect the position of employers or funders of my work – past, present or future.