How Big Data Can Destroy Organisations’ Legitimacy

Earlier this week I shared a post about Big Data and organisational legitimacy. Mico-authors in that piece (Dr Alessandro Merendino an2d Prof Maureen Meadows) and I have also published a small thinkpiece on the topic on the magazine International Corporate Rescue.icr

Titled How Big Data Can Destroy Organisations’ Legitimacy, our paper discusses how, in their hurry to innovate and disrupt, companies using Big Data can easily fall foul of the norms, values and mores of the societies they depend on. The consequences, of course, can be very serious – from consumer boycotts to legal issues and even bankruptcy.

In the paper, we also discuss the dimension of legitimacy, and briefly talk about strategies compnies can use to regain legitimacy in the eyes of their stakeholders.

This is a short but (hopefully) interesting paper, which can help understand and frame the ongoing backlash against tech companies. And firms using Big Data probably need to understand that legitimacy is a dimension to be actively managed.

You can read the document in its entirety below.




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